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18 from the UK. These are all my own hand-painted designs.
the nailphile

trying to make a playlist to run to is impossible; any suggestions!?

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Do I have anyone here from/around LONDON?

I’m doing my photography project on London and the places that are amazing but aren’t visited as much. Anyone know of anywhere that’s not central and not overcrowded with tourists but is still great!? Thanks!

Visit my photography page here.

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Feel like Tumblr’s just being a bitch to me..
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💕HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! 💕 Don’t worry if you don’t have a Valentine! You can all share mine, there’s enough Betty kisses for everyone 😊💜
kawaiiloverlupita: Omg I love your valentines nails soooooooooooo much like I'm in love with them haha:) do you have an Instagram?

ah thank you so much! means a lot when people like them, was worried that they’d be hard to read!

I do, my instagram name is @disabledmabel, haha! (long story) It’s not all nails though, it’s also many many pictures of my cat, some of my photography work and uni!

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posted at 8:50 pm on Sunday
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"I love you to the moon and back"
My version of cheesy heart-felt valentines nails!
I didn’t want anything red, or pink, or hearty, or girly and shmushy.Or anything that you ALWAYS see for valentines day when it comes to nail art.I wanted something different and I’m actually quite pleased with how these came out (for once!) - and I actually painted something for once rather than a pattern!
"I love you to the moon and back" is actually something related to my mum, we used to say it before bed every night when I was little after reading the book Guess How Much I Love You. If you have never read it, or you have children, then you definitely should. Like I said, I wanted something different and valentines day is about showing people you love them right? It doesn’t have to be your boyfriend, fiancé, husband etc.. it can be whoever you want it to be.
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I have also spent a very long time, last night and today, updating my photography blog with my most recent projects. If you could it check out, and follow it, I would really really appreciate it. 


Thank you all!


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posted at 1:00 pm on Saturday
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I thought it was about time that I tried out some new things, since I now have a new job!I thought I should try out the midi ring, not sure I’ve picked the best one, and will be getting some plain ones to try but it’s definitely growing on me.And the nail varnish is Barry M’s Textured Nail Paint. I’m not so sure I like it, it feels weird!You can read more on my blog….

I have updated my blog and added a new inspiration page, so that I can reblog and keep together everyone’s nail art that I like for inspiration. go follow!! you can also now submit your own work :)

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pink zodiac sign nails
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not sure what’s wrong with my tumblr and why it keeps uploading my photos quite blurry? any suggestions?
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Me and the boyfriend on our NYE Paris Trip. It was so sparkly and pretty. ♥

Follow my photography blog for more photos being updated soon!
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First attempt at Tartan Nails that I had for my New Year in Paris, slightly smudged but never mind haha! Had the best time, Happy New Year everyone! 
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The thing I love about photography is that it’s a way for me to express my emotions. I think you can all tell how I’m feeling today.

If you all wouldn’t mind, take a look and follow my photography blog please! got a lot more to upload soon, once I’ve got through Christmas and past my deadline! Thanks in advance for your support xxxxx